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Best Travel Laundry Bag In 2023

Mar 24, 2023

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A travel laundry bag can help keep your clothes organised, clean and fresh while on the go. Packing a travel laundry bag can be useful, especially if you’re on the road for a long time or visiting multiple destinations. A travel laundry bag is what many organised travellers use to store dirty clothes while travelling. Most portable laundry bags come in lightweight materials, such as polyester or nylon, and are small enough to fit easily in a suitcase or backpack.

Travel laundry bags come in various styles and sizes, from simple bags with drawstrings to more complex designs with multiple compartments and pockets. Some of the best travel laundry bags have breathable materials to help prevent odours and mould.

Using a travel laundry bag is a great way to separate your dirty clothes from your clean ones, making it easier to stay organised while travelling. It's also convenient to have ready in case you see a laundromat during your travels, especially if you’re travelling for an extended time.


Not convinced? Here are some reasons why you might want to consider using a travel laundry bag:

Convenience: Instead of mixing dirty clothes with clean clothes in your luggage, a travel laundry bag allows you to separate and organise your laundry easily, making it easier to unpack when you get home. Instead of being faced with a jumble of clothes, you can plonk your travel laundry bag beside your washing machine.

Hygiene: Storing dirty clothes in a separate bag can help prevent bacteria and odours from spreading to the rest of your belongings.

Cost savings: If you’re on a budget, using a travel laundry bag allows you to wash your clothes at a drop of a hat when you see a laundromat instead of paying for expensive hotel laundry services.

Sustainability: By washing your clothes instead of constantly buying new ones, you’ll be doing your bit to reduce your environmental impact while travelling.

When looking for a travel laundry bag, consider these:

Size: Look for a bag compact enough to fit in your luggage easily but large enough to hold a few days’ worth of dirty clothes.

Material: Choose a durable, lightweight material that can withstand a few knocks and bumps and is easy to clean.

Closure: Consider a bag with a secure closure like a zipper or drawstring to prevent clothes from falling out and to contain any odours.

Breathability: Look for a bag that allows air to circulate, which can help prevent odours and mould.

Compartments: Some travel laundry bags have multiple compartments or pockets, which can be helpful for your smaller pieces of clothing separately.

Portability: Look for a bag that is easy to carry, either with handles or a shoulder strap, so you can take it to a laundromat or wash it in a sink.

Style: While not necessarily a functional consideration, choose a travel laundry bag that suits your style and preferences. After all, you’ll be carrying it with you throughout your travels.

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