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2 NY Mets players silencing their doubters, 3 birthing new ones

Jul 18, 2023

I hate to pile on Francisco Lindor but the man has been putrid of late. Now batting .213/.284/.404 on the season, the lone saving grace are his 15 doubles, 10 home runs, and 40 RBI. He has been so-so defensively with a booted ball this past weekend against the Toronto Blue Jays essentially costing them a game. Fortunately, Buck Showalter helped make a managerial decision to make us forget about Lindor being less than golden with his glove.

Lindor is 2 for his last 22 with 8 strikeouts sprinkled in. He has been a strikeout machine for most of the season. Now that he's feeling the pressure, the longer this slump lasts the worse it feels like it's going to get.

The real problem with Lindor and his doubters is how many there have been from almost the time he started with the Mets in 2021. His underwhelming debut season was filled with positive spin that was often an overextension of what he was actually accomplishing on the field. We saw a much better version of him in 2022. This year, he's serving us what he did in year one.

It's not only the last week featuring a Lindor slump. He has gone 24 for his last 113 for a .212/.250/.381 batting average. Over the last 30 days, it's not even the worst on the team.